We are producers of Caucasian fir seedlings, silver spruce, Norway spruce and Serbian spruce. We grow seedlings on our plantations, which gives the highest quality and freshness.

Caucasian fir, Abies nordmanniana fir - a species of trees belonging to the pine family.

Habit   Tree 25-30 m high, initially with a narrow, conical crown, more and more columnar with age, with a pointed tip. The branches in the central part of the crown grow horizontally and are quite densely set, the upper branches are less clearly directed upwards than in the silver fir.

Trunk   The bark is initially smooth, dull gray, only in old trees it is rectangularly cracked or divided into plates.

Leaves   Pins, 2-3 cm long, are slightly cut at the front, even, clearly grooved, dark green and shiny on the top, with two white stripes of stomata underneath. They are set in two rows on twigs very densely, slightly directed to the front. When rubbed - they give off a fruity scent.

ATTENTION! It is possible to order multiple 25 pieces or, after prior telephone contact, a different quantity.

Abies alba

Age: 5 year/s old

Other: dsa

Abies nordmannian

Age: 5 year/s old

Picea omorica

Age: 5 year/s old

Jodła górska lasiocarpa

Age: 4 year/s old

Other: Abies lasiocarpa

Jodła koreańska

Age: 4 year/s old

Other: Abies koreana

Jodła kaukaska

Age: 4 year/s old

Other: Abies nordmanniana

świerk kłujący

Age: 4 year/s old

Other: Picea pungens